Sunday, March 11, 2012

This B.O.P.E.'s for CCHHI2012!

A "B.O.P.E." is a "Bolt of Positive Energy". CCHHI 2012 is the California Cannabis Hemp & Health Initiative of 2012. You can read the initiative in full or find out more about the Jack Herer Initiative to ReLegalize Cannabis Hemp & Free Pot Prisoners., at

Thanks to the Magical World of Henry Hemp, Meen Green & White Chocolate, for giving CCHHI the BOPE it needs to head into this final stretch to make the ballot! The Tweeter who "hashtags" #BOPE @CCHHI2012 the most between now and Jack Herer Day 4/20 will be automatically entered to win the Shhmokewear Shhweepstakes to benefit CCHHI! Please SHARE this inspirational track with Friends & Tweet & ReTweet!