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Hemp Can Save The Planet Video/Radio Magazine Premieres Today!

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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Judge Sheldon threatens our Democracy in Long Beach, CA!

On Thursday, September 22, 2011 at the pre-trial hearing for the case of The People vs. Joe Grumbine and Joe Byron, Judge Charles Sheldon ruled in favor of the prosecution's motion to suppress a Medical Marijuana defense.

Grumbine and Byron have less than a week to file a writ of appeal. Grumbine says, "This is now a precedent-setting case whose outcome will affect us all." The hearing began with "LA's Dopest Attorney", Allison Margolin, questioning the prosecution's unethical tactics.

Check out this article about the case at here:

Listen to Joe Grumbine of The Human Solution talk about the case with Casper Leitch and Joint-Host Melissa "white chocolate" Balin on Time 4 Hemp radio in the archives here:

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Tune In October 1st To Hemp Can Save The Planet Radio!

Starting October 1st we are overjoyed to announce that you can join us in getting out the message that Hemp Can Save The Planet on the LATalkLive Syndicate!
Hemp Can Save The Planet Internet Radio
Saturdays 3-5 PM PST
following The Marijualogist on
Co-Hosted By: Bret Bogue aka "King of Kush", Melissa "white chocolate" Balin, and Steve Bloom of Celeb Stoner!

Hemp Can Save The Planet Internet Radio will feature weekly guests discussing the viability of Hemp as a fuel, fiber, paper, medicine and overall resource to rebuild the economy worldwide. Weekly segments will include:
  • Winning! online sweepstakes featuring prizes
  • excerpts of Jack Herer's Emperor Wears No Clothes read by celebs & activists (including B-Real, Governor Gary Johnson, Ralphie May, Pauley Perrette, Eddy Lepp & the late great Jack Herer himself!) **please ask about custom sponsor opportunities available for this exclusive footage
  • 420 Product Reviews
  • Celeb Stoner News
  • Ask Apothecary Consulting
  • Selekta Lou's 420 Mix (to submit your track about Cannabis/Hemp/Marijuana inspired by Jack Herer's Emperor Wears No Clothes please e-mail
  • Hemp For Victory Truths
  • Cannabis Comedy Festival minute
  • NORML Facts with Radical Russ Belville
  • LPOP Forget-Me-Nots honoring Freedom Fighters serving time for non-violent Cannabis offenses
  • Call To Action: DeSchedule Cannabis Today
  • How Hemp Can Save The Planet
  • & Live Interviews with CelebStoners & StonerCelebs!

Monday, August 22, 2011

Time 4 Hemp's Island Surprise

Check out this Hemptastic video montage Casper Leitch edited of our July 25th Winning Interview with Senator Terrence "Positive" Nelson of the USVI and Lynette Shaw, co-author of Prop 215, as well as author of the Time 4 Hemp theme song, on the upcoming Hemp Hemp Hooray soundtrack of Music From and Inspired by Jack Herer's Emperor Wears No Clothes!

Kudos to the venerable Paul Stanford of The Hemp & Cannabis Foundation for Joint-Hosting with me while Casper was on medical leave! What an honor to share the airwaves with Jack Herer's Freedom Fighting peers as we interviewed Stephanie Landa of LPOP, Mieko Hester-Perez of & Henry Hemp! We are thrilled to celebrate Casper's speedy recovery and ask you to please help us welcome him back by listening to Winning Mondays August 22, 2011 on Time 4 Hemp with special guest, Steve Bloom of CelebStoner! You can listen LIVE from 10AM - 11AM (PACIFIC STANDARD TIME) at or check the archives at:

It's Time 4 Hemp to be DeScheduled! Let's spread the word!

Tuesday, August 16, 2011


FREE Grow Advice in exchange for Court Support:


Medical Marijuana Activist Joe Grumbine trial is getting ready to begin. On Tuesday, August 16 he will appear at his pretrial hearing in the Long Beach Superior Court. This is located at 415 West Ocean Blvd. Long Beach, CA 90802, in department K. Joe will appear in front of Judge Sheldon 8:30am to 11:00am. His trial is currently scheduled to start the following week, but this tentative date of August 22 will be confirmed or changed at the pretrial hearing. YOUR ATTENDANCE IS REQUESTED.

Court Support benefits the entire movement to end the harassment of medical cannabis patients

What makes this case stand out above the rest is the outpouring of community support from the dozens of people who regularly attend his court hearings. Joe Grumbine is the founder of the Human Solution, a medical cannabis organization that provides court support for others facing trial for medical marijuana. Joe and his wife Liz are well known throughout Southern California as being kind and generous people who regularly open up their 5 acre Willow Spring nursery gardens to many medical cannabis events. Prior to being charged for operating a collective Joe conducted fundraisers for Ronny Naulls, another accused medical marijuana patient.

Joe created a green ribbon with a red cross in the center to symbolize the solidarity and unification of a growing movement of people who stand together in demanding that our rights as medical cannabis users be respected.

This solidarity ribbon has caught on, with cannabis activists and supporters across the country placing orders for the ribbons. Judges and prosecutors have taken notice of the ribbons, with a judge recently denying a prosecutor’s request to have the ribbons banned from the courtroom. The prosecutor was afraid that the jury might realize that the medical cannabis community stands united in support of medical cannabis patients, providers and growers. The judge refused to ban the solidarity ribbons from the courtroom. The defendant in that case was acquitted, proving that community support at court hearings can make a dramatic difference in the outcome of a trial.

Solidarity Ribbon is a show of unity for the medical cannabis movement

Joe and his wife Liz have been married for 20 years and have raised two beautiful daughters. They are grandparents now and take pride in their family. Liz has made a variety of organic products for years with the herbs from their gardens. Her creams, lip balms, pomegranate jam and lavender syrups are some of the best around. The Grumbines live on a 5 acre garden oasis in Perris, California. Located on an aquifer, this garden nursery is like walking through a magical wonderland described in children’s books with pathways and bridges and secret locations. Those lucky enough to attend his fundraisers and parties have found a healing ground where medical cannabis patients can unite for a common cause.

Liz Grumbine is a warm and compassionate person, well known for her fresh homemade jams, syrups, lotions and balms

Joe has turned this land into a training ground for holistic healing herbs of all sorts. He has taught classes on herbal gardening for many years.

Joe first helped his aunt who had cancer with her cannabis needs. Joe had known of the medical benefits of cannabis for many years as he had witnessed firsthand the relief it gave to his aunt as she battled cancer.

Years later his good friend Shannon was diagnosed with brain cancer. Joe and Shannon had been friends for many years. Shannon was a strong man 6″2″ tall. Cancer destroys even the best of people, with the side effects of treatments being nausea, pain and sleeplessness, among other things. Joe and his wife Liz helped him through his illness. They grew cannabis together, but Shannon grew weaker and came to a point where he could no longer smoke cannabis to alleviate his symptoms. Joe helped Shannon through his final days. He saw how effective the tinctures were at relieving the agony that Shannon was going through. Joe had made tinctures himself, but he set off on a journey to find the best he could for his friend. He toured many collective storefronts. It was then that Joe saw the need for compassionate knowledgeable people to help with sick and dying patients. With Joe’s 20 years or so tending to his nursery, “Willow Springs” he had the ability and experience to work with patients to cultivate and supply each other with the needed medical cannabis.

Willow Springs is a magical Oasis in Perris, California

After Shannon’s death, Joe decided to put his 20 plus years as a holistic herbologist and teacher to use helping people with cannabis. Joe decided to open a collective so that all who needed medical cannabis would be able to work in a safe, clean and non-profit environment. Joe studied the law and felt that he was in compliance with both the wording and intent of prop 215 and sb420, and when the new attorney general guidelines came out in 2008 he made sure he was in compliance with those as well. Joe and his partner set up their collective in a pristine environment, even wearing lab coats in an effort to keep a strictly medical and professional appearance. His collective was based on a group cultivation effort, as described in sb420. It was no surprise to me later to find out that this cultivation effort was left off his charges. In the court hearings I have attended a collective is often denied a medical defense if they cannot show that they were growing at least some of the cannabis themselves.

In 1996 when prop. 215 was passed, the people of the state of California asked the government to set up a method for the distribution of medical marijuana. Because the state government neglected to do so, local municipalities have taken it upon themselves to zone storefront collectives in a haphazard fashion that has resulted in raids, arrests and prosecutions of many well intentioned medical cannabis patients, growers and providers.

The collective was located in Garden Grove California. Garden Grove followed Anaheim in enacting a ban on storefronts as a way to prevent the will of the people from creating a distribution system for medical marijuana. Joe had already been there for some time and he contacted and he attempted to work with his local government in order to continue helping patients there. The city attorney in Garden Grove did acknowledge that Joe’s collective was there and even told Joe’s landlord that they were not breaking the law. Joe never received a “cease and desist” letter from Garden Grove. A serious problem in the state of California is that a statewide zoning program has not been enacted, resulting in storefronts being allowed in some cities and harassed and closed down in others. This of course raises constitutional issues as to people being prosecuted in some jurisdictions for activities that are considered to be legal in much of the state.

A series of violent raids ended that dream. Joe’s collective cultivation and storefront were raided, as well as a violent and inappropriate raid on his family home. His wife Liz was rough handled and degraded by the officers that stormed her home with rifles one morning. Liz and her daughter were handcuffed and verbally and physically abused. People involved with the collective were arrested and terrorized.

This family has been through hell, but they have stood tall. In what appears to be an effort to pressure Joe into taking a plea bargain, his home was raided a second time for aluminum cans. It turns out that the police somehow got wind that a friend who Joe let stay at his home had some aluminum cans from Arizona, which is technically a crime. Using another $75,000 or so of wasted taxpayer money, the local narcotics task force used a full on swat style raid complete with helicopters and rifles to storm his home once again.

This time they kept Joe in jail for several weeks, and set his bail at an unrealistically high amount, over $100,000. This was even in light of the fact that Joe had lived in the same home for 20 years and had never missed a court appearance. It was a clear and common effort to harass Joe Grumbine into accepting a plea bargain. Joe refused to break, and stands tall in his efforts to end the prosecutions of medical cannabis collectives.

People in the community heard about this travesty of justice and one woman even donated part of her retirement fund to help release Joe from jail. Joe has not quit his activism in the midst of this extreme stress on his life, his home and his family. He holds regular working meetings at his home to plan community activities that will further the public awareness of the need to have our medical marijuana laws respected in California.

Good people are who you will meet at Willow Springs

Joe is a hero to many. To those that know him, he is a good hearted strong man who welcomes all those who are willing to put in some effort. Joe is requesting community support as he fights his court case. Please take the time out of your day to show up at his court hearings and his trial. If you are the type who cannot sit for long periods, we can have a group rally outside. You can make the difference in ending the arrests, prosecutions and harassment of medical cannabis patients and collectives by showing up for this important trial. Try to make it to the court hearing Tuesday, and make sure to look for news as to the starting date of this trial. Your attendance will show those in government who try to ride roughshod over the will of the people that we will no longer stand for our medical cannabis rights to be denied.

Join the Human Solution. You will be glad you did.


Friday, July 29, 2011

Winning with Senator "Positive" Nelson!

Mazel Tov to @DustinDonham from Austin, Texas for Winning last week's challenge by following JackHererHemp & ReTweeting to MakeTime4Hemp! Enjoy your $500 consulting session with Apothecary Genetics's own Bret "King of Kush" Bogue and your copy of Jack Herer's Emperor Wears No Clothes short doc!
You can listen in to the archives of July 25th's Winning show with Senator Terrence "Positive" Nelson of the US Virgin Islands, and author of Time4Hemp's own theme song, Lynette Shaw, in order to find out how to win this week's contest:
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Next week we will welcome Stephanie Landa, founder of LPOP, the Landa Prison Outreach Program, and announce this week's Winner! You can listen LIVE from 10AM-11AM Monday, August 1, 2011 on!

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Meet Stephanie Landa of LPOP

This Monday, August 1st Make Time4Hemp with Stephanie Landa from 10AM-11AM PST on American Freedom Radio or listen in the archives here:

We will talk about how we can support the Landa Prison Outreach Program and about her own NEW weekly radio show "Fellon Angels" with LA's Dopest Attorney, Allison Margolin, premiering Saturday August 6, 2011 (following The Marijualogist) from 3-5PM on LATalkLive!

Landa Prison Outreach Program (LPOP) hosts an Everything Must Go Sale in Burbank, CA on Saturday July 30th, 2011 to Benefit LPOP & Didrik Max Pedersen's Legal Defense Fund. LPOP's Founder, Stephanie Landa says, "I have already shed so many tears that we decided on a "Laugh-In" Theme for the Protest. I hope this will raise awareness to the plight of all prisoners serving time for non-violent cannabis offenses." There will be fun photo opportunities with activists and celebrities, letter writing to prisoners, a Freedom Fighter Lemons-into-AID stand and people will be able to pay for items with postage donations, in addition to good old American cash.

If you are unable to attend in person, you can show your support by making a Donation of postage or money at

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Bret "KIng of Kush" Bogue Makes Time4Hemp!

Thanks to Founder of Apothecary Genetics, Bret "King of Kush" Bogue, for joining Casper Leitch and Joint Host, Melissa "white chocolate" Balin for Winning Mondays on Time4Hemp Radio!

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Next week we will welcome the first Rastafarian Senator in the USVI, Senator Terrence "Positive" Nelson and announce this week's Winner!

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Starting this Monday, July 11th until after Portland HempStalk on Monday, September 12, 2011- Time4Hemp’s Casper Leitch will be accompanied by a New Joint Host, filmmaker Melissa “white chocolate” Balin.

Each How Hemp Can Save The Planet show will feature a prominent activist sharing their adventures; a featured musician from the Hemp Hemp Hooray Soundtrack of Music From & Inspired By Jack Herer’s Emperor Wears No Clothes, and exclusive Time4Hemp Winning Mondays Sweepstakes opportunities and Prizes!

You can listen in to the first Hemp Can Save The Planet themed show featuring High Times’ journalist & founder of Kushman Veganics, Kyle Kushman (

with Hemp Hemp Hooray musical guest, WiseProof of Lo Fly Kickaz ( in the archives at:


NEXT WEEK: JULY 18 will welcome Apothecary Genetics’ King of Kush, Bret Bogue ( with Hemp Hemp Hooray musical guest, PonyBoy of Los Marijuanos (

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Celebrate Independence!

This 4th of July, we celebrate by remembering the Boston TeaParty and joining
Willie Nelson's TeaPotParty!
With Great Freedom... comes Great Responsibility... so make sure to continue to spread the message of Jack Herer's Emperor Wears No Clothes while you Blaze that Trail! Join us on Facebook and in real life to DeSchedule Cannabis Today and seek Clemency Now for all pot prisoners currently serving time for non-violent Cannabis offenses.

Thanks for your continued support! Long Live Jack Herer & Free Eddy Lepp!

Thursday, June 23, 2011

DeScheduling Cannabis Isn't CrazyTalk

A year ago, even the thought of "Re"Scheduling Cannabis was a daunting behemoth taken on by a select few Freedom Fighters, like Jon Gettman, who has been petitioning the Federal Government to acknowledge the existing empirical evidence for WELL OVER A DECADE!
The current "schedule 1" category the DEA has assigned Cannabis, stipulates:
  • (A) The drug or other substance has a high potential for abuse.
  • (B) The drug or other substance has no currently accepted medical use in treatment in the United States.
  • (C) There is a lack of accepted safety for use of the drug or other substance under medical supervision.
It is evident that the current Scheduling of Cannabis has been amply refuted and it is BEYOND time to address the issue by DeScheduling Cannabis Today:
  • (A) There has been NO evidence of a death by overdose of Cannabis in over 5000 YEARS!
  • (B) 16 of our 50 States currently prescribe Medical Marijuana.
  • (C) The US Government holds patents stating that Cannabinoids ARE therapeutic as antioxidants and neuroprotectants while still providing Medical Cannabis to the 4 living Patients in the Compassionate Investigational New Drug Study program, started in 1978...

As Hemp Can Save The Planet takes the message of Jack Herer's Emperor Wears No Clothes around the globe, we have spoken with leaders in this broad movement that encompasses environmental concerns, civil liberties, religious freedom, and ultimately the Pursuit of Happiness. It is difficult to get so many spirited activists to agree on the issues of the day... but it is beyond evident that we are at a Tipping Point and Everyone Agrees that we must work together in these trying times to right the injustices of over 40 years of a neverending "War on Drugs".

We spoke with Tim Spark about the important issue on Cannabis Times Radio just yesterday:
Listen to internet radio with Cannabis Times Mag on Blog Talk Radio

And then this article came out in Politico TODAY:

We ask everyone to show their support for this important global issue on Facebook by Liking the DeSchedule Cannabis Today Page.
DeSchedule Cannabis Today

Promote Your Page Too

This is not just about smoking pot- so let's break it down fiscally & wise up statistically & once the people know the Truth about Hemp, we can look forward to the TODAY of DeScheduleCannabisToday!

Please share with a friend.

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Support Clemency Now!

The H.E.M.P. (Help End Marijuana Prohibition) Media Alliance was proud to help launch the International Cannabis Clemency Project's social action campaign, "Clemency Now!", on Memorial Day 2011, to commemorate all fallen Veterans of the War on Drugs.

"Clemency Now!" is a global social action campaign seeking Clemency for non-violent Cannabis offenders currently serving time in prison or facing execution worldwide.
Check out this BRAND NEW "Clemency Now!" track off the upcoming Hemp Hemp Hooray Soundtrack vol. 2, by Lo Fly Kickaz:

Clemency Now by doojisplash

The International Cannabis Clemency Project has as their ultimate goal, a successful massive international cannabis clemency project, but even with such a project operative in every state and country on earth, each persons' claims will have to be submitted, one at a time, just like ‘targeted’ clemency actions; those primarily done to promote political thought about issues supporting ‘massive clemency’.

In light of the overcrowded prison systems, the undisputed scientific evidence to support the medical uses of Cannabis, and the dismal state of our global economy- Clemency is widely considered a viable solution, regardless of whether or not one uses Cannabis.

To find out more about how you can submit a loved one's case for Clemency Now, please visit
Like the FanPage at
Follow the Twitter at
And Please tell ALL your friends!

Long Live Jack Herer! FREE Eddy Lepp, Marc Emery & ALL Freedom Fighters currently serving time in prison or facing execution. Because NO ONE should be in prison for Pot.

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Winning In A Radical Way!

We are all SO WINNING Right NOW! In honor of the 2nd Annual Treating Yourself Expo, where we held our Canadian Premiere; ANYONE who purchases a DVD of Jack Herer's Emperor Wears No Clothes short documentary for just $12 at BEFORE MIDNIGHT on June 5, 2011 will be AUTOMATICALLY ENTERED TO WIN $100 worth of ProhibitionTour Swag AND a Slightly Stoopid Limited Edition Poster from the Jack Herer Day show Live At The Greek on 4/20/2011!

Make every week Hemp History Week with a copy of Jack Herer's Emperor Wears No Clothes short doc viewing parties. Join us #OnTheProhibitionTour!

Please TWEET your friends HOW HEMP CAN SAVE THE PLANET @JackHererHemp

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Celebrate Hemp History Week May 2-8!

Hemp Can Save The Planet invites you to celebrate Hemp History Week from wherever you are!

May 2-8, 2011
#EVERYBODY WINS Reefer Raffle at 4:20PM DAILY!
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If you are in Los Angeles, come Share your memories of Jack Herer on camera in person at The Joint 8771 W. Pico Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90035 (just East of Robertson)!

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Pre-Order Your Hemp Hemp Hooray Soundtrack

Pre-Order your Hemp Hemp Hooray volume 1 Soundtrack for Jack Herer's Emperor Wears No Clothes at for just $4.20 and be automatically entered to win special prizes in the Jack Herer Sweepstakes at -
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Because Hemp Can Save The Planet, on Earth Day, we launched a sneak preview of the upcoming Hemp Can Save The Planet Jack Herer Day Special. Chillax and relive 420 OnDemand at or just click here:

420_Hemp Can Save The Planet WebCast from GGECO University on Vimeo.

In an homage to Leave No Trace, this link will self-destruct in one month, so Enjoy & Share with Friends!

Long Live Jack Herer & Free Eddy Lepp!

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Happy Jack Herer Day 4/20/2011!

What a long strange trip it's been! Barely a year since Jack Herer's unfortunate passing, Hemp Can Save The Planet appreciates the incredible support from the worldwide community to keep Jack Herer's message alive.

Make sure to check out our FREE Jack Herer Day Special webcast available for your viewing enjoyment On Demand at!

Please continue to follow our progress leading up to the much-anticipated Multi-City World Premiere of Jack Herer's Emperor Wears No Clothes documentary on Jack Herer Day 4/20/2012! In the meantime, please add us on Facebook, follow our blog & make sure to rock our Hemp Can Save The Planet shirts and stickers in the streets!

Long Live Jack Herer & Free Eddy Lepp!

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Mazel Tov Mr. & Mrs. Hemp!

Hemp Can Save The Planet commissions Lisa Lindo of Missing Links to make a special set of family heirlooms for the Hemps! We welcome the impending arrival of baby Zeena Hemp to this world and are looking forward to Hemp family photos adorned with these one-of-a-kind sustainable art inspiring social action talismans handcrafted by Missing Links.

For more information on unique custom made heirlooms for any occasion, please visit
For more information about our very special First Family of Hemp, please visit

*Please send gifts to welcome Baby Zeena to the planet via Target and Babies R Us registry under January Bronner Thomas or contribute to Baby Zeena's College Fund, by purchasing your Legalize It Mitt at

Friday, April 1, 2011

It's not an April Fool's that Hemp Can Save The Planet!

Nope... it's not an April Fools' that Hemp Can Save The Planet...

Ladies & Gentlemen, if I could have your attention, please:

Speaking euphemistically, and by that I mean NOT you specifically;

We’ve got a mother a brother a cousin or lover who is getting relief from Cannabis Hemp, forced undercover in fear from the smear.

Incidentally and most respectfully, his name rhymes with “Terror” and since I’ve worked with Jack Herer, I learned that Hemp Can Save The Planet.

He would tell every Tom, Dick & Janet- but they wouldn’t take him seriously because he wore tie-dye and spoke furiously.

Now there’s a New Generation re-educating the Nation in Hemp suits and buzzed hair, who don’t just pump fists in the air, but are advocating and profligating and resuscitating the Truth about Hemp.

Some promote but don’t Vote, some Vote who don’t even smoke, some don’t even get High, but that wouldn’t be I ;)

Bur there are few who don’t see that someone’s Grannee should have safe access to relief AND the Right to Live Free.

There have been many attempts to regulate & player hate resulting in “Anslinger-Gate” and a Prohibition that those who will listen are already enlightened was born of people frightened by Racism & Greed that William Randolph Hearst would allegedly feed with the help of DuPont and a HEADLINE sized font…

History watched them surreptitiously proceed to erase and recede the True uses of Hemp-

For example, just a sample of educational tools they don’t teach you in schools:

From the first two drafts of the Declaration of Independence to the promulgation of Napoleon’s dominance back in the War of 1812 to the first Levi’s jeans on the shelves, an entire car made of Hemp and run by Hemp fuel designed by the legendary Henry Ford

While creatively inspiring many to pick up a pen instead of a sword;

Called the Billion Dollar Crop by Popular Mechanics back in 1937 the very pages printed in the Bible where we first learn of “Heaven”

Though it never gets credit, Jack Herer won’t let you forget it- Is... Yep, you said it- “Cannabis Hemp” slang name Marijuana, it’s safer than a revolver-

You don’t even know WHY it’s illegal- It’s just Prohibition: The Sequel

And NOW I mean YOU specifically, NOT euphemistically- let’s wise up statistically, break it down fiscally, LOUD & PROUD riskily:

There is only one known annually renewable natural resource that is capable of providing the overall majority of the world's paper and textiles; meet all of the world's transportation, industrial and home energy needs, while simultaneously reducing pollution, rebuilding the soil and cleaning the atmosphere all at the same time... and that substance is the same one that has done it before for 5000 years . . . CANNABIS HEMP MARIJUANA!

Now that you know the Inconvenient Truth you mustn’t lie to our Youth- We CAN save this planet AND right the hypocrisy of those who ran it.

If you think we’re just smoking for sport you can find the very first report of Cannabis Marijuana as a medicine of import was in 2727 B.C!. In China, and incidentally you don’t have to believe ME for your own self you can see-

Queen Victoria used it without hesitation to help ease the cramps of her monthly menstruation!

To make matters worse with this mitigation of complete and utter fabrication our Federal Government’s current scheduling indicates NO medical value- and we know that’s NOT True- worse than cocaine? Ask Rick James, that’s insane!

Trust, The Fed’s deduction wasn’t Talmudic, that Cannabinoids ARE therapeutic as antioxidants and neuroprotectants- in fact they’re holding a PATENT in various sectants!

To further fuel this conflagration of modern neo-fascistic segregation turning us into a bleating aimless congregation of unmitigated subjugation- US vs. Randall led to Randall Versus U.S using Common Law doctrine of necessity- the Federal Judge gave his ruling for all to see, “Medical evidence suggests that medical prohibition is not well founded.” With this precedent compounded in ‘78 the FDA expounded starting the Compassionate Investigational New Drug Study program & to this day I find it highly sensational that they provide marijuana to Federal patients that’s NOT recreational. George W. Bush whose very life was saved by a Hemp parachute, levied a kaibosh of the most resolute – ending acceptance of new applications but you can ask living Federal patients Elvvy and Irv – and they’ll tell you it just doesn’t compute… is this really all over loot?

And don’t get me started with Religious Persecution even the Rasta are registering to Vote-in this Revolution. Constituents counted as Pro Eco-Evolution.

We don’t need WikiLeak to Do The Right Thing. Let’s follow the lead set by The Czech & Berlin, Barcelona, Amsterdam, Toronto, & even Fresno, The Rock- that’s St. Thomas, SF, Bay Area- and I promise- the economy will heal and let’s save on the appeal & please Free Eddy Lepp, & Marc Emery and all non-violent pot-prisoners seeking Clemency- it’s no joke all the folk who are rotting in prison – while the real crimes have risen- so they’re building MORE prisons – at 51,000 dollars per inmate per year the figures will dizzen and of 20,000 in jail in the City of Angels alone, my birthplace and my home, according to CCP- would you believe- 5600 of them are serving time for Cannabis charges when they could simply Live Free.

Whether you exercise your right to get High or Stay Sober…

Prohibiton is So Over. Now please tell a friend.

So this madness can end. We can do the Right Thing- there’s a message to send:

Prohibition is Over. Please Phone A Friend.

Long Live Jack Herer & Free Eddy Lepp.

Friday, March 25, 2011

Near Magic in New Mexico!

It has been busy filming in New Mexico on two very important and very different documentaries... neither Cannabis Hemp related incidentally. The Tara Calico Project and Remembering Ina Balin.

While here, I have had many misadventures (you can find out more at and was lucky to discover that Near Magic Remedies' Ultimate Healing Oil is made here in New Mexico, the Land of Enchantment! Get yours at NearMagic.TV for cuts, bruises, burns and even acne!

It's Near Magic! Seriously.

Next stop on The Prohibition Tour to DeSchedule Cannabis Today: Denver, Colorado! Who wants to get a Mile High with me?

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

UK student Kain Derrick's documentary

Check out this UK student documentary, "It's Not Just A Plant" by 22 year-old Hemp Can Save The Planet member, Kain Derrick:

Hemp Hemp Hooray for Kain for giving this important issue consideration on an Academic level. The work is causing quite a stir as evidenced by this article in the Bridgewater Mercury:

You might remember Kain from his awesome support of our Jack Herer's Museum & Hemporium Kickstarter. His savings and fundraising efforts from across the Pond earned him a place in our hearts and minds as well as a "420 Experience" with the legendary Franco of Green House Seed Co. during the 23rd High Times' Cannabis Cup in Amsterdam, where he procured the handsome StrainHunters Tee he is wearing in the doc!

It is thanks to the dedication of Hemp Can Save The Planet members like Kain that our voices will eventually be heard by a new generation of voters and effect real policy change. Remain steadfast in your righteousness.
Hemp Can Save The Planet.

Monday, February 7, 2011

My Virgin Trip to the US Virgin Islands

I came to the US Virgin Islands for the very first time as the guest of USVI NORML and ISW Studios for a press conference they hosted about St. Thomas, USVI being selected as one of the 10-cities webcasting as an Official World Premiere Destination for the feature length documentary I co-directed with the late Jack Herer to be released theatrically on 4.20.2011.

Here in the USVI, I had the honor of moderating a panel with the first Rastafarian Senator in the US Senate Terrence "Positive" Nelson, Executive Director of USVI NORML Linda Adler, Musician & Activist Melame Gange and radio personality Koniyah. We announced details about the World Premiere & the 1st USVI Cannabis Hemp Education Summit surrounding our 4.20 Premiere, Linda announced that USVI NORML would be presenting their decriminalization legislation to the USVI Senate on Jack Herer Day, and Senator Nelson indicated his support in presenting the legislation! Some of the elders of the Bordeaux Rasta Farmers came to the press conference to support Senator Nelson's call to action for all Rastafarians to register to vote so they would be counted as constituents, even if they choose to exercise their religious belief not to support politicizing. They are raising funds to take up legal proceedings against the United States DEA for the recent raid of their crops of religious sacrament.

Wow, I wish Jack Herer were alive to see this day come to pass.

Here is a teaser of some of the High-lights from the trip while backstage with Hemp Can Save The Planet:

I give thanks to all those who have helped to make my Virgin trip to the US Virgin Islands so memorable and enjoyable! Jah Live, Jah Laugh, Jah Bless! I look forward to coming back to the "Rock" sooner than later!

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Thursday, January 6, 2011

Happy New Year & Viral Flashmob instructions!

Happy New Year to All & Welcome Back Congress!

Your most recent AND ridiculous “Truly Independent” (TM) mission, should you choose to accept it…

We are going to Welcome Back Congress with a viral flashmob rendition of “Do You Hear The People Sing” from Les Miserables! Join Us in VOTE FOR CHANGE REDUX 2011!

Here are guidelines & a visual example (courtesy of the Environmental Protection Agency’s video contest) for the Change Redux “Welcome Back Congress” viral flashmob parody video compilation we are trying to throw together this week:

Here is a youtube video of the “Do You Hear The People Sing?” song from Les Miserables complete with subtitles (to sing along to;), that we will be using to edit with, for the Change Redux “Welcome Back Congress” viral flashmob parody:

If you think that you are able to aggregate 10 seconds of content immediamente, of you holding a sign that says “Change Redux” (preferably handmade or printed in Futura bold font) and/or expressing your continued Hopes for Change and/or singing along and/or in the act of changing (boots, gloves or hats, ala Mr. Roger’s- PG-13 PLEASE! ) – please upload to Youtube and message us the link at Please remember preferably 10 seconds, but DEFINITELY NOT LONGER THAN A MINUTE.

Thanks in advance for your sense of humor and time and consideration of this matter of great relevance to us all. We are looking forward to everyone’s creativity and involvement in order to continue to get the message out in a fun and inventive way!

Keep Hope Alive!


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