Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Friday, March 26, 2010

in Spokane to Save The Planet!

Thanks to Dennis Ford of Northwest Holistic Health for springing into action in a time of need and putting together a Hemp Can Save The Planet Benefit for Jack Herer, Eddy Lepp & Rick Simpson! Los Marijuanos, The Hemp Chronicles & I arrived in Spokane last night prepared to rock the Knitting Factory with the Truth about how Hemp Can Save The Planet!

Movie screens at 3PM with a Jack Herer's Global Call To Action panel discussion of extreme relevance to Washington State regarding Cannabis Reform. Live Fundraising online auction from 5:30-6! Los Marijuanos & The Hemp Chronicles on at 8PM! See you at the show!

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Henry Hemp celebrity judge "settles" five-way tie for Jack Herer Soundtrack Contest!

Celebrity Marijuana Activist, Henry Hemp jumps in with "One Love" to break an unresolved 5-Way Tie for the Jack Herer Soundtrack Contest sponsored by High Times & YesUCannabis. "We really liked all of the entries and we fully support One Love; so as in life, the Winners are those that took risk and took action!", Henry Hemp illustrates how in this movement, taking action is rewarded with the love and support of the Community.

Grand Prize Winners will be featured in High Times Magazine, on the Hemp Hemp Hooray Volume 1 Soundtrack and all entries will be featured in special Mash-Up Ringtone Downloads available with purchase of the much anticipated soundtrack of Music From & Inspired by Jack Herer's The Emperor Wears No Clothes!

Congratulations to our top Grand Prize Winners (an unprecedented 5-Way Tie!):
"Zoning" by Northern Lights:

"Death Penalty For Pot" by Benedict Arnold & The Traitors

Find more videos like this on | Medical Cannabis Community and Network

"The Tree of Life" by Superbitch

Find more videos like this on | Medical Cannabis Community and Network

"Growing Marijuana In My Yard" by Ben Scales

& "Marijuana Man" by Roland A. Duby -

Find more videos like this on | Medical Cannabis Community and Network

Extra Special Thanks to Bobby Black & High Times Magazine for supporting the contest and highlighting the creativity within the Community! Also thanks to a rockin' show (with highlights for those that missed it at ApothecaryTV!) & stay tuned to hear which Awesome 2010 Doobie Award Winners donated songs to the Jack Herer Soundtrack while we were at SXSW! Hemp Hemp Hooray!

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Looking forward to 8th Annual Doobie Awards this Sunday, March 21st!

Thanks to Bobby Black of High Times Magazine for putting together one of the best party invites for SXSW! I am soooo looking forward to reuniting with my international scenester friends, sponsors & rockstars at the largest film & music festival in North America!

Great live performances not-to-be-missed by Hemp Hemp Hooray! Soundtrack artists Amyjo Savannah! and Los Marijuanos! & actor Scott Levy (The Helix Fully Loaded) will be with director Melissa Balin, to announce the winners of the Jack Herer Soundtrack Contest- HEY! THE DEADLINE IS HIGH NOON ON MARCH 20!!!! Don't you wanna post a video of a great track you did about Cannabis, Hemp, Marijuana for your chance to be on the historic soundtrack? An unprecedented 100% of all proceeds being donated to Jack Herer, his movie, and movement to Liberate Hemp.

Long Live Jack Herer & Free Eddy Lepp!

First Episode of Jack Herer's School Of Hemp Radio!

Check out the First episode of Jack Herer's School Of Hemp Radio featuring Yours Truly (Melissa Balin) & Linda Werner of SUBSTANCE COTERIE INC., with host, Josh King, the Cannabis Co-Pilot! Thanks, again Josh, for supporting all things Jack Herer and giving us a chance to spread the word that Hemp Can Save The Planet!

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Hemp Can Save The Planet Sock Puppet Theatre rehearsal

While in development on the Hemp Can Save The Planet tee collaboration with SUBSTANCE COTERIE INC. I stayed at Camp Werner, where they put on a Hemp Can Save The Planet Sock Puppet Theatre show that is so adorable it is truly a treat! Here is a sneak peek at the rehearsal:

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Hemp Can Save The Planet! fundraising bumper sticker

Support the Cause! Get your Hemp Can Save The Planet! bumper stickers exclusively at!
5 for 5 Bucks! With an Unprecedented 100% of the proceeds going to Jack Herer, his movie & Global Call To Action for the Liberation of Hemp.

Photos of the bumper sticker in various locations around the globe as well as photos of supporters holding the bumper sticker will be featured on the Hemp Can Save The Planet! blog

Post your photos for consideration on our Hemp Can Save The Planet Facebook Group!

Please note:
Hemp Can Save The Planet does not endorse vandalism, so please do not place the stickers without permission. Please consider the environment and do not litter.

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Jack Herer Update!

According to Jeannie Herer's recent update on Facebook, Jack Herer has been brought home & is continuing to focus on his recovery! This is great news and a testament to the incredible support from the community to help him out, while Jack's assets have been frozen for bureaucratic review. What an inspiring kick-off for the Jack Herer Recovery Fund at the 1st Medical Marijuana Educational Expo & Symposium held earlier this year:

A Very Special Thanks for their very generous donations to Bruce Perlowin of Medical Marijuana Inc. ($1,000), Ed Gennett of Trinity County ($2,500), Bret Bogue of Apothecary Genetics ($500), and Dennis Ford of Northwest Holistic Health ($500)- Hemp Hemp Hooray!

Please support the vendors that are really supporting Jack Herer and stay tuned for more ways you can contribute to the Jack Herer Recovery Fund at

Long Live Jack Herer & Free Eddy Lepp!

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Interview On ExzessivTV!

okay, so I'd like to think that Eddy & Linda Lepp & Jack & Jeannie Herer would be awfully proud of me... they posted this video interview in Germany last night and there are already over 1,300 views and 65 comments, among which are many "haters" who complained that I was soooo stoned and one calling me a "stupid American whore" - ps- thanks to the kind viewers who voted the comment so far down that it was deleted by management- incidentally, I was so sick that they thought I had walking pneumonia and of course, here in Germany, I abide by the local laws and I was only vaporizing "eucalyptus" herbs for my lungs, but in California, Cannabis is a prescribable option for asthmatic treatment and I can only hope to be legally & incredibly stoned for ExcessivDas viewers for my next interview with Micha Knodt in Los Angeles at the THC EXPOSE (April 23-25, 2010!)

oh, yeah, I'm an American woman movie director... and also I'm Jewish... and I voted for Obama... on to the next one...

I love Berlin! And besides giving me walking pneumonia (which I am in total denial about because I keep on working all the way to the airport) I had the best time here- thanks to Rolf "Rollo" Ebbinghaus & Tribble & the Team at the Hanf Museum for their tremendous hospitality & Steffen Geyer of HanfParade for parading me around the city & Matthias Bröckers for an incredibly moving interview where he shared really special memories of Jack Herer & Kathrin Gebhardt for a wonderful gourmet dinner & cooking lesson on Baking With Hemp & Mark Marker of ExzessivTV for editing out all the OTHER coughs you don't hear & Sowjet Media for joining our Strategic Media Alliance to get the word out about how Hemp Can Save The Planet!

I hope to be back in Berlin on August 7 for the HanfParade and a Special German subtitled screening of Jack Herer's Emperor Wears No Clothes! Tschüs! Oh, and wait till you hear about how the Spanish premiere was at Spannabis in Barcelona! Que bueno! But more on that from the airport...