Monday, January 18, 2010

Jack Herer's Recovery

Thanks to a rousing Call To Action by Freedom Fighter, Richard Eastman, answered by Medical Marijuana Inc., Northwest Holistic Health, & Apothecary Genetics, we raised $2,000 yesterday at the Jack Herer's Call To Action Panel during the 1st Medical Marijuana Educational Expo at the LA Convention Center Theatre, on Sunday, January 17th!

My eyes teared up while I moderated the panel, to see attendees of this important Symposium, step up in the midst of the panel itself to bring up 100s and 20s... bringing the total amount raised for Jack's Recovery Fund during the unprecedented 2-day event hosted by America's first publicly traded Marijuana company- to a heartwarming $2,460!!!!

Since the bureaucracy of medical & legal red tape is holding up Jack Herer's finances, and slowing the very progression of his recuperation, it is really beautiful to see this compassionate community uniting together to support one of its fallen heroes in a serious time of need.

We spoke with Jeannie Herer via telephone during the conference, and she thanks everyone for their support during this incredibly difficult time, and wants you to know that this will move Jack forward to a private care environment, where he will be able to receive the Special Care we all know is integral to his recuperation.

In order to maintain his situation, several brands will be donating a portion of their proceeds to Jack Herer's Recovery Fund (Note: this is a private fund, NOT eligible for tax-write off). Thanks to BalinYoga for being the first to volunteer this show of support! Through the end of February, BalinYoga will donate 10% of every sale of The Golden Answer DVD towards the Recovery Fund of Civil Rights Activist, Jack Herer, while he recuperates from his recent heart attack. Please support the vendors that are supporting Jack in his time of need, and tell a friend:

To find out how and where to donate to Jack Herer’s Recovery Fund directly, please visit and check our Hemp Can Save The Planet blog & Hemp Can Save The Planet Facebook Group regularly to find out what brands are really supporting Jack Herer.

Hemp Hemp Hooray! Together we are making a difference.


Melissa Balin


Jack Herer’s The Emperor Wears No Clothes

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Jack Herer's Emperor doc special screening at the Medical Marijuana Educational Expo on January 16, 2010 in LA!

LA Convention Center Theatre- Saturday, January 16th from 8:00 PM to Midnight - Social Networking Musical Event at the Medical Marijuana Educational Expo, featuring a Special screening of JACK HERER'S documentary "THE EMPEROR WEARS NO CLOTHES" and a "CALL TO ACTION!" panel discussion to follow with Jack Herer's Co-Director & Producer, Melissa Balin and Cast & Crew! The evening's entertainment will be provided by the diverse musical talents of DJ Dre Ghost, along with other marijuana theme songs presented by Spoken Word & Rhyme artist SAHJKHIA lyricist extraordinaire! & D.i.r.t.y.D

Complimentary Beer, Wine & Soda will be served 9 -11PM at the Social Event!

Tickets for the Social Networking Event can be purchased separately ONLINE for $30 or $50 at the door.
Here is the link:

Hope to see you there! For more information on the Medical Marijuana Educational Expo, taking place at the Los Angeles Convention Center Theatre on January 16th & 17th, please visit:

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Hemp Can Save The Planet gets syndication on Apothecary TV!

Hemp Hemp Hooray! Hemp Can Save The Planet lands a syndicated video segment on Apothecary TV following our global adventures throughout 2010! We are thrilled at this opportunity to showcase exclusive never-before-seen edutaining footage captured along our mission to educate, infiltrate & propagate the Liberation of Hemp.

Here is our first webisode from the 22nd High Times Cannabis Cup in Amsterdam! The 9 minute segment features musical performances from Los Marijuanos, Funky Jah Punkys, and Slightly Stoopid! As well as fun cameos from international Cannabis Personalities & Activists, such as Jeanette Bogue of Apothecary Genetics, Arjan Roskam & Franco Loja of Green House Seed Co., Don & Aaron of DNA Genetics, Mila Jansen, Franco Casalone, and Rick Simpson! Please forward to any friends who missed the 2009 Cup, or any friends who had such a good time there that they might not be able to remember it ;)

Check back regularly for upcoming segments from Amsterdam, the Czech Republic, Austria and Spannabis 2010!

Much gratitude to Apothecary TV & Green Media Productions for their resources and support! And a major "puff puff pass" to our current and future Hemp Can Save The Planet sponsors- without whom this truly "grass" roots movement would not be possible.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

The Liberation of Hemp... on Facebook!

I am so proud of our TRULY "grass" roots movement! The U.S. Government alone spends millions (if not billions) of taxpayer dollars on Anti-Marijuana media campaigns that are propagating bogus scientific studies that have been debunked for over twenty years. Through generous donations of resources and sponsor support, we have kicked off 2010 with the David vs. Goliath propaganda battle of the decade for the Liberation of Hemp! We have a member-run Hemp Can Save The Planet Blog & a new Hemp Can Save The Planet Facebook Group with already over 1,000 members from all around the globe! These are not your mother's hippies... this is a group of modern, forward thinking individuals sharing relevant information and concerns regarding prohibition, legalization, and decriminalization. I am particularly proud of this new discussion thread "Hemp vs. Pot" that has sparked some pertinent international dialogue:

Please tell your friends to Join the Hemp Can Save The Planet Facebook Group and ask them to tell their friends and let the social networking begin! I know that if Jack Herer was better, he would be tweeting and rabblerousing from the Facebook Group to the new generation that will ultimately be responsible for voting in the Liberation of Hemp. Get better soon Jack!

Educate, Infiltrate & Propagate.
Melissa "White Chocolate" Balin
Jack Herer's The Emperor Wears No Clothes
The Great Syndication Is Coming.