Tuesday, January 5, 2010

The Liberation of Hemp... on Facebook!

I am so proud of our TRULY "grass" roots movement! The U.S. Government alone spends millions (if not billions) of taxpayer dollars on Anti-Marijuana media campaigns that are propagating bogus scientific studies that have been debunked for over twenty years. Through generous donations of resources and sponsor support, we have kicked off 2010 with the David vs. Goliath propaganda battle of the decade for the Liberation of Hemp! We have a member-run Hemp Can Save The Planet Blog & a new Hemp Can Save The Planet Facebook Group with already over 1,000 members from all around the globe! These are not your mother's hippies... this is a group of modern, forward thinking individuals sharing relevant information and concerns regarding prohibition, legalization, and decriminalization. I am particularly proud of this new discussion thread "Hemp vs. Pot" that has sparked some pertinent international dialogue:

Please tell your friends to Join the Hemp Can Save The Planet Facebook Group and ask them to tell their friends and let the social networking begin! I know that if Jack Herer was better, he would be tweeting and rabblerousing from the Facebook Group to the new generation that will ultimately be responsible for voting in the Liberation of Hemp. Get better soon Jack!

Educate, Infiltrate & Propagate.
Melissa "White Chocolate" Balin
Jack Herer's The Emperor Wears No Clothes

The Great Syndication Is Coming.

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