Friday, April 1, 2011

It's not an April Fool's that Hemp Can Save The Planet!

Nope... it's not an April Fools' that Hemp Can Save The Planet...

Ladies & Gentlemen, if I could have your attention, please:

Speaking euphemistically, and by that I mean NOT you specifically;

We’ve got a mother a brother a cousin or lover who is getting relief from Cannabis Hemp, forced undercover in fear from the smear.

Incidentally and most respectfully, his name rhymes with “Terror” and since I’ve worked with Jack Herer, I learned that Hemp Can Save The Planet.

He would tell every Tom, Dick & Janet- but they wouldn’t take him seriously because he wore tie-dye and spoke furiously.

Now there’s a New Generation re-educating the Nation in Hemp suits and buzzed hair, who don’t just pump fists in the air, but are advocating and profligating and resuscitating the Truth about Hemp.

Some promote but don’t Vote, some Vote who don’t even smoke, some don’t even get High, but that wouldn’t be I ;)

Bur there are few who don’t see that someone’s Grannee should have safe access to relief AND the Right to Live Free.

There have been many attempts to regulate & player hate resulting in “Anslinger-Gate” and a Prohibition that those who will listen are already enlightened was born of people frightened by Racism & Greed that William Randolph Hearst would allegedly feed with the help of DuPont and a HEADLINE sized font…

History watched them surreptitiously proceed to erase and recede the True uses of Hemp-

For example, just a sample of educational tools they don’t teach you in schools:

From the first two drafts of the Declaration of Independence to the promulgation of Napoleon’s dominance back in the War of 1812 to the first Levi’s jeans on the shelves, an entire car made of Hemp and run by Hemp fuel designed by the legendary Henry Ford

While creatively inspiring many to pick up a pen instead of a sword;

Called the Billion Dollar Crop by Popular Mechanics back in 1937 the very pages printed in the Bible where we first learn of “Heaven”

Though it never gets credit, Jack Herer won’t let you forget it- Is... Yep, you said it- “Cannabis Hemp” slang name Marijuana, it’s safer than a revolver-

You don’t even know WHY it’s illegal- It’s just Prohibition: The Sequel

And NOW I mean YOU specifically, NOT euphemistically- let’s wise up statistically, break it down fiscally, LOUD & PROUD riskily:

There is only one known annually renewable natural resource that is capable of providing the overall majority of the world's paper and textiles; meet all of the world's transportation, industrial and home energy needs, while simultaneously reducing pollution, rebuilding the soil and cleaning the atmosphere all at the same time... and that substance is the same one that has done it before for 5000 years . . . CANNABIS HEMP MARIJUANA!

Now that you know the Inconvenient Truth you mustn’t lie to our Youth- We CAN save this planet AND right the hypocrisy of those who ran it.

If you think we’re just smoking for sport you can find the very first report of Cannabis Marijuana as a medicine of import was in 2727 B.C!. In China, and incidentally you don’t have to believe ME for your own self you can see-

Queen Victoria used it without hesitation to help ease the cramps of her monthly menstruation!

To make matters worse with this mitigation of complete and utter fabrication our Federal Government’s current scheduling indicates NO medical value- and we know that’s NOT True- worse than cocaine? Ask Rick James, that’s insane!

Trust, The Fed’s deduction wasn’t Talmudic, that Cannabinoids ARE therapeutic as antioxidants and neuroprotectants- in fact they’re holding a PATENT in various sectants!

To further fuel this conflagration of modern neo-fascistic segregation turning us into a bleating aimless congregation of unmitigated subjugation- US vs. Randall led to Randall Versus U.S using Common Law doctrine of necessity- the Federal Judge gave his ruling for all to see, “Medical evidence suggests that medical prohibition is not well founded.” With this precedent compounded in ‘78 the FDA expounded starting the Compassionate Investigational New Drug Study program & to this day I find it highly sensational that they provide marijuana to Federal patients that’s NOT recreational. George W. Bush whose very life was saved by a Hemp parachute, levied a kaibosh of the most resolute – ending acceptance of new applications but you can ask living Federal patients Elvvy and Irv – and they’ll tell you it just doesn’t compute… is this really all over loot?

And don’t get me started with Religious Persecution even the Rasta are registering to Vote-in this Revolution. Constituents counted as Pro Eco-Evolution.

We don’t need WikiLeak to Do The Right Thing. Let’s follow the lead set by The Czech & Berlin, Barcelona, Amsterdam, Toronto, & even Fresno, The Rock- that’s St. Thomas, SF, Bay Area- and I promise- the economy will heal and let’s save on the appeal & please Free Eddy Lepp, & Marc Emery and all non-violent pot-prisoners seeking Clemency- it’s no joke all the folk who are rotting in prison – while the real crimes have risen- so they’re building MORE prisons – at 51,000 dollars per inmate per year the figures will dizzen and of 20,000 in jail in the City of Angels alone, my birthplace and my home, according to CCP- would you believe- 5600 of them are serving time for Cannabis charges when they could simply Live Free.

Whether you exercise your right to get High or Stay Sober…

Prohibiton is So Over. Now please tell a friend.

So this madness can end. We can do the Right Thing- there’s a message to send:

Prohibition is Over. Please Phone A Friend.

Long Live Jack Herer & Free Eddy Lepp.

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