Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Cultiva Interview about Emperor on Urban Grower!

I had the honor of meeting and interviewing Remo of Urban Grower in Vienna during Cultiva and he shared some great memories of Jack Herer & how Jack's "Hemp Bible" affected his perceptions of Hemp! He then turned the cameras on ME & here is a fun 3 minute clip about our doc, featured on Urban Grower's YouTube channel:

Obviously, as indicated by my voice (or lack thereof!), I had a great time enjoying Viennese hospitality and really overdid it talking & smoking... thanks to Harry Schubert of Cultiva for inviting us to participate in such an important emerging market for the movement. & Thanks to Remo & Advanced Nutrients for such a great & informative site - to find out how you can be an Urban Grower with "Freaking Huge Big Buds" - you should definitely check out on the regular:

Check back with us soon for our exclusive footage from the High Times' Cannabis Cup & Cultiva!

Melissa Balin

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