Friday, June 18, 2010

WHEE Rocked Tehama!

As promised, here is the unpublished Letter to The Editor of the Red Bluff Daily News, written by Donna Will & Jerry Doran of High Times' WHEE Fest:

Letter To The Editor:

I would like to thank Sheriff Clay Parker, and all the agencies who chose to work together. Now Tehama County has a safe and working ordinance for future festivals upholding our rights as American citizens to peaceably assemble.

The World Hemp Expo Extravaganja Festival promotes education on the True History of Hemp and its many uses through Music, Film & Freedom of Expression. By gathering open-minded people in the name of World Peace, we hope to end the senseless drug war and honor all of our Freedom Fighters. Inspired by The Rainbow Family's creed, WHEE Festival was reborn Memorial Weekend 2010 and continues in the name of Peace, Love and Freedom.

Thanks to the hundreds of volunteers, local supporters and sponsors who gave their time and resources to make sure that WHEE 2010 was a huge success! We are pleased to have received positive feedback and well wishes from around the globe and are honored to have served as a model for International Peacekeeping.

Best wishes to Sheriff Parker in the upcoming Tuesday election. It was not easy to uphold the law while strongly opposed by much of the community. The rights of ALL were at stake. I hope it is Sheriff Clay Parker who will be respectfully governing law enforcement in our County’s future. Hope to see everyone exercise their right to vote this Tuesday, June 8th at the polls!


Donna Will & Jerry Doran

Hemp Hemp Hooray for Freedom Fighters Donna Will & Jerry Doran! Keep up the good work in Tehama County! The world is watching. We'll be there to support WHEE 2011!

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