Monday, October 18, 2010

Hemp Can Save The Planet at Cypress Hill Smoke-Out!

Congratulations to our Hemp Can Save The Planet Haiku Contest Winners! Kenny Brown Bastian for his Winning Haiku:

Herbal Medicine
Bio-Diesel Energy
End Prohibition

and Runner-Up, Joaquin Maya who was able to attend Smoke Out in Kenny's place, with the ($200) Grand Prize Ticket Package courtesy of Guerilla Union!

Beautiful Green Herb
Healing pain with mind at ease
grow it live and love

Thanks to B-Real & Cypress Hill; Brian Valdez, Veeda Armstrong & Robert Mattison III of Guerilla Union, for making sure that Jack Herer's Emperor Wears No Clothes doc had a presence at this historic event hosting the first Medical Marijuana Patient Area at a major concert event in Southern California! Wow, I can barely remember attending the very first Cypress Hill Smoke-Out back in 1998! CUT TO: 2010 & I had the honor of speaking on the Reefer Movie Madness Panel with Jeff "the Dude" Dowd, Jack Herer Award Nominee for Outstanding Hemp Awareness through Journalism Shirley Halperin, and CelebStoner's Steve Bloom! I have spoken as a FilmMaker on prestigious panels at Cannes, the Berlinale, Sundance, Cinequest, and the Inauguration, but this particular panel was of the Most High ;)

When I interviewed B-Real after Jack Herer's memorial service at the THC Expose, he told me how Steve Bloom first introduced them, and how Jack immediately gifted & signed up a book for B-Real and the band to read on tour. That continued the Hemp Education all across the nation... with Cypress Hill reprinting missives from The Emperor Wears No Clothes in their cd jackets & promotional leaflets. Thanks to all of our Hemp Can Save The Planet Facebook Group Members for continuing Jack Herer's message! Soon we will be 4,200 strong!

Long Live Jack Herer, Free Eddy Lepp & all pot prisoners! Some festival goers swear you can see Jack Herer's image in the smoke unfurling from B-Real's giant joint...

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