Saturday, December 10, 2016

Free Download of CBD Billionaire This Weekend Only

Enjoy this FREE download of CBD Billionaire This Weekend Only!

CBD Billionaire is a modern parable reminding us to “Take Care of Every Thing You Touch” and “Make The Most Of Every Opportunity”. The tale follows a young woman exploring what she might be able to do with money that would help those around her whether she knew them or not and how to make the world a better place,

Along her often unbelievable (yet real-life) five year long journey of “Money Abstinence”, Melissa Balin met many interesting people with colorful solutions and opinions concerning what it really means to be “a burden on society” when it comes to money and currency and value and resources and Fair Trade; as well as the subtle differences between ownership and possession.

The Tale of the CBD Billionaire is a modern parable of Melissa Balin’s journey #GivingUpGivingUpMoney and some of the priceless lessons she learned along the way.  CBD Billionaire is Melissa Balin’s first digital book, and she hopes it will help to raise a million dollars and feed a million people worldwide.

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