Sunday, April 4, 2010

Jack Herer's Emperor Wears No Clothes filming at THC EXPOSE April 23-25!


Excerpts read from the Best-selling Hemp Book THE EMPEROR WEARS NO CLOTHES to be shown for Academy Consideration

April 2, 2010- LOS ANGELES, CA- Celebrities and activists show their support for the legalization of Hemp by reading excerpts from Jack Herer’s Best-selling Hemp Book, The Emperor Wears No Clothes. Principal photography for the controversial feature length documentary begins at the THC EXPOSE (the largest Hemp related trade show in America), April 23-25, 2010 and continues throughout the summer.

The 90-minute feature length doc will be an extension of the same-titled short doc (25 minutes) completed prior to Herer’s heart attack in September; currently being shown at live events and matriculated into open-source educational curriculums worldwide. The high-profile feature will showcase celebrities and activists reading excerpts from the book off a teleprompter, archival footage, periodicals, US Government propaganda encouraging American farmers to grow Hemp, and compelling never-before-seen footage. The doc is being produced by The Brookturn Co., co-directed by author Jack Herer and filmmaker Melissa Balin, shot by cinematographer, Eric Adkins (Sky Captain & The World Of Tomorrow), edited by Brandon Balin, and will feature original music by DJ Dre Ghost (producer of The Words Project starring Bone Thugs-N-Harmony), The Hemp Chronicles, Los Marijuanos, and Amyjo Savannah. The project is being supported by Associate Producers Rebecca Balin, Sarah Bennett, Jeannie Herer, and Linda Werner and Co-Producers Brandon Balin, Bret Bogue, Ben Dronkers, Mary Patton, Brian Roberts, and Arjan Roskam.

Executive Producers Eddy Lepp and Jack Herer (co-authors of the California Hemp Initiative) will not be on set to kick off principal photography because Herer is still recovering from the serious heart attack and Lepp surrendered himself to Lompoc Prison (July 6, 2009), to serve a 10-year sentence, that the presiding judge herself called “excessive,” for his growth of medical marijuana under the governances of California State Law. Part of Jack Herer’s mission is to free all prisoners of this senseless “War” and before his untimely heart attack in September, he explained enthusiastically, “Until the 19th Century, over 50% of all foodstuffs and 80% of all fibers worldwide were made from Hemp. Hemp is the only thing that can save our planet and the American people are being fed antiquated misinformation through fear mongering. We have dedicated our lives to getting the truth heard and we hope that this documentary will bring the information forward to a new generation. The time for change is NOW.”

Celebrities will receive themed gift bags for donating their time, with special surprises that will include a SUBSTANCE Official Hemp Can Save The Planet Tee (made of Hemp with a $50 retail value) and ringtone downloads from the Hemp Hemp Hooray Soundtrack featuring Music From & Inspired By Jack Herer’s The Emperor Wears No Clothes.

For more information on the movement to legalize hemp and on the short and feature length documentaries based on The Emperor Wears No Clothes please e-mail

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