Friday, April 9, 2010

SUBSTANCE Behind-the-scenes: Making of the Hemp Can Save The Planet Tee

Linda Werner of SUBSTANCE COTERIE INC. takes us Behind-The-Scenes at Experimental Graphics to see how the Hemp Can Save The Planet Fundraising Tee is utilizing local organic resources & workforce labor whenever possible. Ah, to hope, perchance to dream... someday, we will be able to grow even the Hemp here in the U.S. of A too!

The Hemp Can Save The Planet Fundraising Tee is made of 95% Hemp with original artwork created by Carin Cronacher for SUBSTANCE. 100% of the proceeds are going directly to Jack Herer, his movie, & mission. Special thanks to Steve Gluck of SUBSTANCE for underwriting this progressive new sustainable fundraising campaign think-tanked by Children Of Earth (created in 2006 by Melissa Balin & Shepard Fairey)

Please show your support for this truly "grass" roots People Powered campaign. We cannot do this alone.

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